Ashbourne Farm Supplies

Ashbourne Farm Supplies

What do you mean by farm supplies?

An agricultural supply store or agrocenter is an agriculturally-oriented shop where one sells agricultural supplies — inputs required for agricultural production such as pesticides, feed and fertilizers .

What supplies do you need for a farm?

But there are a handful of essentials that every farm — no matter the size, no matter the type — needs to get the job done.

Pickup Truck. This is a no-brainer. …
Utility Vehicle. …
Compact Utility Tractor. …
Lawn Tractor. …
Front-End Loader Attachments. …
Lawn Care Equipment. …
Blades. …
Rotary Tiller. etc…

What are agricultural supplies and services?

Agricultural and farming services provide information, consulting, equipment, and supplies to the agricultural industry. Examples include government agricultural extensions, crop brokers and shippers, meat packers, produce distributors and wholesalers, and veterinarians.

Ashbourne Farm Supplies

A guide to caring for backyard chickens

When it comes to taking care of backyard chickens, they give back what you put in.

The latest Barastoc Chook Book gives you all the information you need to feed and care for your own flock of laying hens. The Chook Book also includes an overview of caring for other poultry, such as turkeys and ducks, as well as a section on the Barastoc range of feeds and how to use them.

Keeping chooks is incredibly rewarding, and with a little guidance anyone can do it – after all some of the best backyarders we know are kids! Your chooks aren’t just champion layers-in-training; they’re affectionate, interesting and intelligent creatures that will give you years of companionship with the right care.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced backyarder, we hope that the Chook Book will be a helpful guide for you.

A guide to caring for backyard chickens
Is farming an agribusiness?

Is farming an agribusiness?

Agribusiness relates to industries that are engaged in farming or that produce farm inputs.

Examples of agribusiness include farm machinery manufacturing, seed supply, and agrichemicals.

Some examples of agribusinesses include farm machinery producers such as Deere & Company, seed and agrichemical manufacturers such as Monsanto, food processing companies such as Archer Daniels Midland Company, as well as farmer’s cooperatives, agritourism companies, and makers of biofuels, animal feeds, and other things.

Ashbourne Farm Supplies
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